General Spanish courses

Individual courses in brief

  • Tailor-made materials
  • All levels of advancement
  • Free exercises and tasks

What will you gain?

You will get tools to communicate in real life situations with real people.

General courses – all levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

I teach according to the guidelines set by the European Language Levels. Our classes will enable you to use Spanish in everyday situations. We use Spanish from the first lesson and if you are a beginner you will discover that you can understand much more than you thought you would.

Aim of the course

The purpose of these lessons is to give you the tools to communicate in real life situations with real people. During the classes we will be using the language simulating these situations, for example:

  1. to order a meal in a restaurant
  2. to describe your family, your friends, your city
  3. to talk about your hobbies
  4. to go to the doctor and explain the health issues
  5. to talk about your experiences (traveling, work, studies, adventures…)
  1. to express desires and dreams
  2. to talk about future plans regarding work, personal life, studies, etc
  3. to tell stories
  4. to tell a joke 🙂
  5. to talk about topical issues

Tailor-made materials

The materials we will use in the lessons will be prepared by me. You will receive all the exercise, texts, audios and videos that will improve your listening comprehension, reading comprehension, written skills and oral interaction.

What is included in the course: