About me

Who am I?

I’m Maria Vicente. I come from Madrid and I am a Spanish teacher. I
have 8 + years experience in teaching people of all kind, with
different needs and different nationalities. I have the pleasure to
collaborate with the Cervantes Institute in Krakow and I worked with
companies like Philip Morris, Frankfort, Amway, Multioffice. I am
also a DELE examiner and a member of the examination commission in
the Cervantes Institute.

What I like most in my work is the creativity, the contact with
people, the preparation and design of teaching materials.

Languages are my passion. I speak fluent Russian, Polish, English
and Spanish. Because I love all Slavic

How is my teaching method?

I use Spanish in class from the very first lesson, even with
beginners. Together, we find out that we understand a lot more than
we thought. I help you to get exactly what you want, which is to
speak fluently, resolve your doubts and focus in your specific
language needs. I create tailor made lessons for you, so you will
speak the language as a native speaker.

“Well-prepared materials and topics. Interesting discussions and
challenging exercises. Lots of energy and passion (...). In short, a
teacher with great passion, a gift to transfer knowledge and ... a
lot of sense of humor. I would highly recommend !”

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For the last three years I have been specializing in online lessons
and found “Spanish con Maria” to reach people all around the world
and offer them the BEST SERVICE POSSIBLE.

Why am I doing this?

I like my job and I want to take it with me in my suitcase. This
means that if I move to another country, I will be able to continue
working and I will not have to give up what I like.
I love freedom, and this work allows me to do it and for this reason
I enjoy the work even more.

I like to save time and spend it on other things that are important
to me. Now I do not have to commute to the lessons, and during this
time I can prepare or conduct a lesson or even cook homemade soup
for dinner :)
I love to have my own students, meet people from other places, which
I would not have access to in other circumstances.
I want to give you what is best in me and in my lessons. Dialogue is
the basis of communication and the most important principle of my

I am very happy that you visited this section to get to know me
better. If you like what I offer and want to keep learning - then
you know where to find me. I am waiting for your message.

¡Hasta luego!