Conversation course

Conversation course in brief

  • Conversations on current issues
  • Topics taken from magazines, blogs and video materials
  • The perfect solution from level B1

What will you gain?

Invaluable help in improving all aspects of oral communication in Spanish.

The Spanish conversation course will help you to improve all aspects of oral communication.

We will talk about current issues in the world, in Spain, in your country and about topics of general knowledge such as:

  • environment,
  • art,
  • technology,
  • education,
  • olicy,
  • psychology,
  • lifestyle trends, etc.

Everything will be prepared on the basis of real articles from newspapers, magazines, blogs, videos. This course is ideal for people who have at least a B1 level.


Check your level of Spanish, making the placement test and sign up for a free trial lesson.

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